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How to cook Pad Graprao Gai

Food n RandomPosted by Tan Blondin Thu, March 13, 2014 22:42:03
Pad GraPrao Gai
Stir fried chicken with fresh garlic, chilli and holy basil.

It is dead easy if you can be bothered!

First, you need some fresh chilli and fresh garlic,

crash it up like so,
Now prepare your chicken, just like this.
Roughly minced, using your big knife. Good fun, good exercise!

Then heat a little bit of oil in the frying pan or wok.
I used rapeseed oil, but you can use whichever you prefer i.e. sunflower. NO olive oil, nut oil though, spoil it otherwise!

Throw some of your crashed garlic and chilli in, give it a stir, and in a bit you might experience some power from the it (lol sorry, it just might be a bit poky, please do take care), be careful don't let it burn!

When you are ready, add your very own hand minced chicken.

Stir well, don't let it burn, don't let it stuck and hug into big lump!!
If dry, add some chicken stock or water.

Are we there yet?

Not quite!

Flavour, we need some flavour! Salty, sweetie, which do you prefer?

I like sweet but not too sweet, salty but not too salty, so,

I used light soy sauce. Add a little at a time, have a little taste, when you are happy with it, finish off with some HOLY BASIL for the final. If none available, locally grown sweet basil will do just fine!

And here we are, ' Pad GraPrao Gai' .

Best served with nice and soft rice, like new crop of Jasmine Rice.
A fried fresh egg on top would make it even more pleasant.

Try it!


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