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How to cook Pad Graprao Gai

Food n RandomPosted by Tan Blondin Thu, March 13, 2014 22:42:03
Pad GraPrao Gai
Stir fried chicken with fresh garlic, chilli and holy basil.

It is dead easy if you can be bothered!

First, you need some fresh chilli and fresh garlic,

crash it up like so,
Now prepare your chicken, just like this.
Roughly minced, using your big knife. Good fun, good exercise!

Then heat a little bit of oil in the frying pan or wok.
I used rapeseed oil, but you can use whichever you prefer i.e. sunflower. NO olive oil, nut oil though, spoil it otherwise!

Throw some of your crashed garlic and chilli in, give it a stir, and in a bit you might experience some power from the it (lol sorry, it just might be a bit poky, please do take care), be careful don't let it burn!

When you are ready, add your very own hand minced chicken.

Stir well, don't let it burn, don't let it stuck and hug into big lump!!
If dry, add some chicken stock or water.

Are we there yet?

Not quite!

Flavour, we need some flavour! Salty, sweetie, which do you prefer?

I like sweet but not too sweet, salty but not too salty, so,

I used light soy sauce. Add a little at a time, have a little taste, when you are happy with it, finish off with some HOLY BASIL for the final. If none available, locally grown sweet basil will do just fine!

And here we are, ' Pad GraPrao Gai' .

Best served with nice and soft rice, like new crop of Jasmine Rice.
A fried fresh egg on top would make it even more pleasant.

Try it!


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ATAN Hygiene Award 2014

Food n RandomPosted by Tan Blondin Thu, March 06, 2014 22:27:14
Thanks everybody for all your support and inspiration!

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Buffalo Festival

Food n RandomPosted by Tan Blondin Sun, November 24, 2013 21:10:38

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Buddhist Festival

Food n RandomPosted by Tan Blondin Tue, November 12, 2013 22:24:57

I was very lucky to have been in Thailand just in time for many festivals including the Kathina Ceremony (Robe offering ceremony)

Very early in the morning, people would go to their favourite temple, cook some lovely food and offer to the monks. On the Kathina Ceremony day, people were not just cook and offer to the monks but also offer to the people who come to the temple too!

Fried Chicken Wings on top of Sticky Rice
Gluay-Tord (Thai Style Babana Split coated with coconut n sesame seed)
Tord-Mun-Bla (Thai Style Fish Cake)
Pao SunKaYa (similar to Jersey wonder but much less sugar - served with a creamy pandan flavour dipping)
Some of many kinds of fruit were also offered at the temple.
This was offered by Aunty Deet and her children.
Last but least (because there were more - loads!). My husband's favourite, 'snotty' a nickname of this kind that was given as per how it looks on the inside (not really, it's a joke lol). A very Thai coconutty creamy pudding like, filled with a tasty sweetie coconut ball and wrapped with banana leaf. ONLY IN THAILAND!

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Miang Bla

Food n RandomPosted by Tan Blondin Sat, October 12, 2013 00:39:35
Miang Bla
(Mackerel Parcel)

You need;

Fresh Mackerel
Leaf for wrapping - any kind of lettuce ( I like the lollo rosso, it's quite crunchy n tasty)
Fresh Spring Onion
Fresh Coriander
Vermicelli Rice Noodle or any kind (doesn't matter at all or even egg noodle)

For the Sauce

Fresh Chilli
Fresh Garlic
Fresh Lemon or Lime
Palm Sugar
Plain Roasted Peanut
Fish Sauce or Salt

Doesn't seem complicated at all, isn't it!

To prepare your sauce simply crush some fresh garlic and chilli together, add some palm sugar and lemon or Lime juice then follow by fish sauce, mix well then finish off with some roasted crushed peanut. Sometimes, when I don't feel like like nut, I just do without but it might be a bit sharpy and stingy because of it is so pure and peanut help smoothing up. To make it spicy, garlicky, lemony, salty or nutty, you control it!

Then fish to prepare!

I like mine a bit salty and crispy, so I would salted my mackerel first then fry it up. Grill or BBQ if you like. You may cook a whole fish or fillet it first, it is totally up to you. ( I cooked mine whole though then I get to eat the crispy head, too lol)

Wash all of your leaves and green.

Cook your noodle in a boiling water according to its method.

Now, I think you have got everything ready, then come on, let's enjoy!

Lay a leaf on your plate, add a bit of your fish, a bit of noodle, some spring onion and coriander, follow by your sauce. Wrap it up and off you go!

Have fun!

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Pad Gra-Pao

Food n RandomPosted by Tan Blondin Wed, October 09, 2013 23:05:00
(Stir fried with fresh Chilli, Garlic and Holy Basil).

You may use Beef, Chicken, Pork fillet or King Prawn approximately 1 lb.
3-4 cloves Fresh Garlic,
3-8 fresh Thai Chilli,
1-2 tbs veg or sunflower oil,
a handful of fresh Holy Basil,
Soya sauce, salt or fish sauce to taste.

If I am using meat, I would cut it into small slices and then roughly chop to create minced like. Crush some fresh garlic and fresh chilli ( I used pestle and mortar ) together, only slightly break up, not making a puree! Heat up your prefer oil in a suitable frying pan then throw in your crushed garlic and chilli. Stir well until the garlic turns a little brown then add your meat and keep stirring. If too dry add a little water or chicken stock to moist it up. Add some salt, soya sauce or fish sauce to taste. Make sure the meat cooked thoroughly, turn off heat and throw in some fresh holy basil, give it a little more stir.

Now you can smell the lovely flagrancy smell from that lovely holy basil, and this is why it is called Pad Pra-Pao!
Boiled jasmine rice is the best way to served wit and don't be surprised if you would feel some heat around your throat and tummy after a few mouth full. Yes, chilli, garlic and holy basil are HOT!


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Fresh Thursday Market

Food n RandomPosted by Tan Blondin Mon, April 01, 2013 00:52:47

As it was a Good Friday last week (Friday 29th) we then didn't have a Fresh Friday Market, however, we had a Fresh Thursday Market instead. Thanks to the kind Guernsey Market Building!
How very lucky we had Laura and her partner from the 'Lauracharms' playing lovely music for us as well. Not bad after all, eh!
If you want to know more about Lauracharms and want to hear her beautiful voice (I guarantee), their website is

Tan ;)

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New Line Special

Food n RandomPosted by Tan Blondin Tue, January 29, 2013 00:18:10

KowSoy or Northern Style Curry.
This is going to be a Fresh Friday Special @ ATAN STALL on 1st of February 2013.

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KanomJeen NumYa

Food n RandomPosted by Tan Blondin Sun, December 30, 2012 00:45:50

This is a very popular Thai Curry, other name is 'NumYa' or KanomJeen NumYa.
In the picture is my Pork Ribs NumYa and it served with Noodle and Bean Sprout.

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Fresh Lime Juice !

Food n RandomPosted by Tan Blondin Sun, December 30, 2012 00:10:20

Fresh lime juice is one of the ingredients of Tan's Gingy Tingy Sauce.

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