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Miang Bla

Food n RandomPosted by Tan Blondin Sat, October 12, 2013 00:39:35
Miang Bla
(Mackerel Parcel)

You need;

Fresh Mackerel
Leaf for wrapping - any kind of lettuce ( I like the lollo rosso, it's quite crunchy n tasty)
Fresh Spring Onion
Fresh Coriander
Vermicelli Rice Noodle or any kind (doesn't matter at all or even egg noodle)

For the Sauce

Fresh Chilli
Fresh Garlic
Fresh Lemon or Lime
Palm Sugar
Plain Roasted Peanut
Fish Sauce or Salt

Doesn't seem complicated at all, isn't it!

To prepare your sauce simply crush some fresh garlic and chilli together, add some palm sugar and lemon or Lime juice then follow by fish sauce, mix well then finish off with some roasted crushed peanut. Sometimes, when I don't feel like like nut, I just do without but it might be a bit sharpy and stingy because of it is so pure and peanut help smoothing up. To make it spicy, garlicky, lemony, salty or nutty, you control it!

Then fish to prepare!

I like mine a bit salty and crispy, so I would salted my mackerel first then fry it up. Grill or BBQ if you like. You may cook a whole fish or fillet it first, it is totally up to you. ( I cooked mine whole though then I get to eat the crispy head, too lol)

Wash all of your leaves and green.

Cook your noodle in a boiling water according to its method.

Now, I think you have got everything ready, then come on, let's enjoy!

Lay a leaf on your plate, add a bit of your fish, a bit of noodle, some spring onion and coriander, follow by your sauce. Wrap it up and off you go!

Have fun!

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