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Pad Gra-Pao

Food n RandomPosted by Tan Blondin Wed, October 09, 2013 23:05:00
(Stir fried with fresh Chilli, Garlic and Holy Basil).

You may use Beef, Chicken, Pork fillet or King Prawn approximately 1 lb.
3-4 cloves Fresh Garlic,
3-8 fresh Thai Chilli,
1-2 tbs veg or sunflower oil,
a handful of fresh Holy Basil,
Soya sauce, salt or fish sauce to taste.

If I am using meat, I would cut it into small slices and then roughly chop to create minced like. Crush some fresh garlic and fresh chilli ( I used pestle and mortar ) together, only slightly break up, not making a puree! Heat up your prefer oil in a suitable frying pan then throw in your crushed garlic and chilli. Stir well until the garlic turns a little brown then add your meat and keep stirring. If too dry add a little water or chicken stock to moist it up. Add some salt, soya sauce or fish sauce to taste. Make sure the meat cooked thoroughly, turn off heat and throw in some fresh holy basil, give it a little more stir.

Now you can smell the lovely flagrancy smell from that lovely holy basil, and this is why it is called Pad Pra-Pao!
Boiled jasmine rice is the best way to served wit and don't be surprised if you would feel some heat around your throat and tummy after a few mouth full. Yes, chilli, garlic and holy basil are HOT!


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